About GlucoHumates™

    GlucoHumates™ are a new family of fertilizers. The organic substance of the GlucoHumates™ is stabilized and highly humified, thanks to the presence of highly active humic and fulvic acids extracted from leonardite and gluconic acid using a unique, patented process. The result is a product that, alone or in association with the principle fertilizer elements, stimulates vegetative development by enhancing the root activity and favours the chemical-physical and microbiological properties of the soil enhancing the nourishment absorption.

    Characteristics of all GlucoHumates™ fertilizers

    Changes the
    structure of roots
    GlucoHumates™ significantly improve development of the root system which enables better absorption.
    Rationalisation of
    nutritive elements
    The plant gets the exact amount of nutritive elements that it needs.
    We care about our environment and our future.
    GlucoHumates™ replace standard methods of fertilisation.

    How does GlucoHumates™ molecule work?

    Proliferation of root hairs in the treated plants with GlucoHumates™ compared to untreated

    treated with GlucoHumates™


    The possibility of applying microgranular GlucoHumates™ fertilizers along with the seed
    offers substantial opportunity to improve the development of plants.
    Their excellent ability to stimulate the development of the plant root system
    and to release elements contained in the soil, makes them ideal for coping with stress.

    Characteristics of GlucoHumates™ microgranular fertilizers

    Up to 10 times
    less quantities
    Enables maximum efficacy in absorption of nutritive elements.
    Excellent resistance
    to run-off
    Protected GlucoHumates™ molecule dissolves very slowly in water.
    Remains with
    the root
    GlucoHumates™ stay with the root system up to 6 months.
    Slow release
    of elements
    Chelated molecule of GlucoHumates™ enables slow release of nutritive elements.
    Fertilisation along
    with sowing
    Due to low salinity our fertiliser can be mixed with seeds.


    Microgranules are used on all crops.
    Microgranules are used along with sowing or transplantation.


    GlucoHumates™ line for foliar application is the most efficient solution for foliar nutrition.

    Very clean nutrients, combined with GlucoHumates™, which have a high percentage of fulvic acids with a low molecular weight, make these products effective regulator of foliar treatment and in a very short time solve problems related to ambient stress or problems caused by lack of nutrients.

    In addition, GlucoHumates™ thanks to its catalytic elements, stimulate basic metabolic processes of plants and improves yield.

    Characteristics of GlucoHumates™ foliar fertilizers

    Increased resistance to climatic adversities
    Increases the yield
    Increased resistance to parasite attacks
    Can be mixed with common plant protection products
    Improves the content of proteins


    Low molecular weight

    GlucoHumates™ foliar fertilizers have a low molecular weight, which enables superior coverage and maximum efficiency of all nutrients.

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